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We believe in a world where things are made easier. A world where the experience of food and drinks is in focus, and where distractions are removed. Today we are offering mobile ordering and payment. Tomorrow your restaurant will have a whole new infrastructure in place. Simply put: If you focus on the food and drinks, we will take care of the rest.

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Mobile payment and ordering - no app
Digital menu
A guarantee that the system works 99.5% of the time
Up to 30% increased turnover per guest
Integration with accounting system
Get together and sell with nearby restaurants and bars

Industry-leading dashboard

Insights should be valuable and easy to understand. Our dashboards provide full overview of which items you sell the most, when you have the most and least customers, average sales per customer, feedback, and much more. As a result, you can easily optimise operations.

Collaborate with neighbours and increase sales with the ordr-network

Ordr is the only provider that offers network menus. This means that you can sell products from other nearby places. For example, if you have a bar, you can offer food from the neighbouring restaurant in your own menu.

Coming soon

We are constantly working to create the solutions of tomorrow. These features are just around the corner.
Both the waiter and the guest can place an order
Inventory management

Trusted by more than 600+ customers

You're in good company with our ever-growing list of restaurants, bars, and hotels that use ordr to provide an amazing experience for their guests
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Choose the plan most suitable for you. We have different alternatives based on your turnover.
All customers have a 30-day free trial period*
*Excluding transaction costs. The offer applies to customers who operate on a regular basis, not season, festivals or pop-ups.
monthly turnover below 35 000
40 GBP + 0,5 %
of monthly turnover
Prices are per month per place

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Free support

In addition, transaction costs for
card supplier will apply
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monthly turnover over 35 000
125 GBP + 0,25 %
of monthly turnover
Prices are per month per place

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Full access
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In addition, transaction costs for
card supplier will apply
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Monthly turnover over 85.000 GBP

Get in touch and we´ll make a plan tailored for your needs
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When becomming an ordr customer, you always get the first 30 days for free. This way you can make sure that we match. When we have verified your sent information, we will immediately give you access to the portal. Note that transaction costs applies in the trial period.

You can use ordr digitally or with equipment. If you wish to have a tablet or voucher-printer, let us know in the form below.

Other costs:
  • Transaction costs Apple Pay: 0,7% + 0,04 GBP
  • Transaction costs card: 0,7% + 0,07 GBP
  • Cost per sms sent from system: 0,05 GBP
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320 GBP
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255 GBP
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