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O'Learys Hemsedal
Decreasing costs and increasing revenue and staff satisfaction while optimising the customer experience
ordr is fantastic and very easy to work with.
— Roger Skorpen, Restaurant Manager
O'Learys combines good people, great food and drinks, and sports to create a unique social atmosphere. Opening in 1988, they brought the first genuine American sports bar to Sweden. Since then, they've expanded to multiple franchises within the Nordics and abroad.

O'Learys' Hemsedal location turned to ordr in 2020 due to COVID restrictions. The partnership surpassed expectations with an increase in sales, staff satisfaction, and overall efficiency of operations. They quickly saw the benefits in continuing with ordr, making it a core component of their operations.

When COVID shutdowns hit Norway in March 2020 and infection control became a priority, O'Learys began using ordr as a solution to maintain business while adhering to new regulations. They had to implement some significant changes – such as removing bar stools and service – and shift to full table service, so they were looking for a system that would keep things simple and efficient for staff and customers.

In addition to an increase in efficiency, sales, and staff satisfaction, O'Learys' use of ordr has reduced operational costs while simplifying processes. Average order sizes have increased and more items are sold per hour by using ordr. Customers are happy to no longer need to leave their seats during a game to stand in line to order.

The ease of updating the digital menu is a key point of staff satisfaction. Not only does it make recommending additional items easier, but it allows staff to remove items as needed based off inventory. The kitchen staff appreciates being able to temporarily pause food orders if they are quite busy, which keeps things running smoothly. Staff also was surprised but very happy to see an increase in tips when customers order and pay through ordr.

Currently, 95% of O'Learys' orders go through ordr's platform – they will be diving even deeper with ordr's waiter solution to continue simplifying and optimising infrastructure and processes.

  • Marked increase in sales of sides like dips and sauces with ordr

  • Estimated 30% more in tips during the course of an evening when using ordr

  • Approximately 1-3 more units sold per customer through ordr

Average O'Learys customer rating of Ordr

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